Covid Update and Studio Rules


We’re happy to announce that YogaJo’s will be reopening our doors on May 17th 2021 and we are so looking forward to welcoming you back to our beautiful space.  Don’t worry we will be live streaming our studio classes for those of you who would prefer to remain at home for now. We are working hard to give you the choice to either practice with us at home or in the studio.

Your safety is our top priority and we will be operating within all government social distancing and safety guidelines with regard to COVID.  

For safety reasons with regard to yoga practice if you wish to practice with us online and you have never done yoga before you need to practice in person with us first. To do this choose one of our 6 week beginners blocks which will be in the studio you can book these under the workshop tab.  Once you have completed that it is then an option for you to practice online with us as well as at the studio.  If you are an experienced practitioner who wants to practice with us online please fill out a health check form which you can download below and email it back to Jo at .

Click Here to Download the Health Form for Pages

Click Here to Download the Health Form for Word

Some of our classes will run online only, some will be in studio only and some will be hybrid (ie will be run in the studio and streamed via zoom at the same time, so you can choose to come to either the studio or to stay at home)   When you buy class passes it may say live stream or studio on your receipt, it doesn’t matter you can use them for both we are trying to give you lots of flexibility. So if you buy a class pass it is valid for all of our classes whether you choose to be at home or in the studio.

Here is a list of procedures we will follow to keep everyone safe.  It may seem daunting the first time you arrive but its actually pretty straightforward and we feel we have created a safe non-contactless environment.  We have posters at the studio on entry reminding you what to do.  Before coming to class check the class times on the timetable some of them may have changed so that we can implement the strict cleaning regimes:


• Please socially distance when entering and exiting the building. You should wear your mask until you have reached your mat and then it can be taken off. It is not recommended that you wear a mask when engaging in physical activity. We are only allowed to let one person in at a time until that person is on their mat we can’t let anyone else in. Please stay 2 metres apart if queuing to enter.


• We would like everyone to get in the building as quickly as possible so please turn up ready for class and also about 15 minutes before class. Only one person is allowed in the changing room at a time so it is best if you come ready and just put your bags and coats only in changing room then people can get into the building as quickly as possible.


• Your temperature will be taken non-contactlessly by the teacher when you arrive. If your temperature is high we will ask you to refrain from coming to class and you will be refunded. Please don’t be annoyed about this if it happens to be you it’s for everyone’s safety. If it’s normal you will be asked to take your shoes off then to sanitise your hands and wait until given the go ahead to enter, leave your belongings in the changing room and then place your mat on one of the allocated spaces in the studio. This will be marked out by tape on the floor. When you are on your mat your mask can come off and you should put your mask back on to leave the building or go to the toilet.


• We must keep windows open for airflow, heating will be on and the studio should remain fairly warm but please make sure you have one more layer than you would normally wear with you in the studio space.


• We are no longer allowed to share equipment. You must bring your own including mats. We recommend that you invest in a bolster, a couple of blocks and a blanket as well as a good quality mat. are a good source for good quality yoga equipment and they deliver very promptly.


• When going to the toilet please wash your hands before and after.


• When leaving the building we will exit from the back of the room first. Please get your belongings and leave as quickly as possible. Please don’t linger and chat inside the changing rooms or by the shoe racks as you will be stopping others from leaving the building. By all means go outside and chat in a socially distanced manner if you like. After some classes there will be time to chat to one another from your mats and if you want to stay for a chat please do. We will let you know when this is possible.


• All classes must be pre-booked, we will not be taking any payments or bookings at the studio. For those of you who get discounted passes please email Jo and she will run them through for you as we have done all lockdown.


• Please make sure we have your phone number on your mindbody account. Go to your profile to enter this. We need this for the track and trace system so that if necessary you can be contacted. We obviously hope this won’t be necessary.


• Finally, please do not come to the studio if you are in anyway unwell and obviously if you are displaying any Covid symptoms. If you have coughs and sniffles related to just a cold it’s better to just do the class at home until you are symptom free.


Looking forward to connecting in person with some of you again.  We hope our new hybrid studio gives you the flexibility you need to choose what feels right for you.  It’s a work in progress and no doubt we will make changes along the way as we learn and grow with a new way of delivering our classes, please bear with us as we adapt.  Our intention is to deliver a great class aiding your physical and mental wellbeing no matter where you are.


Much love


Jo and the team x