Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not very flexible can I still come to yoga?

YES, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga in fact not being flexible is the perfect reason to do yoga!

What should I wear and what should I bring?

Wear something comfortable and cool that you can move easily in. If you have a mat bring it, if not we have some you can borrow in the meantime.

How often do I need to do yoga to make a difference?

Although coming once a week is great, if you are able to come to 2 or more classes in a week you will really feel the difference.

I’m worried I will feel self conscious in a yoga class

Yoga is for everyone and we work hard at YogaJo’s to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Can I attend the beginners astanga class before I do the introduction to yoga workshop?

Yes you can, come along and try the practice first and see if you like it.

Will I be the only man?

Maybe, however most of our classes have at least 2 men in them and when you are in you won’t actually care! Real men do yoga!

Will I be the only one that doesn’t know what to do?

No, we have beginners attending our all levels and level 1classes all the time. It is the teacher’s job to help you find your way with the practice so don’t worry! It is important to remember there is no pressure in a yoga class, you do what you can and for a while you may just be getting a feel for it.

What if I have a health condition or injury?

Our teachers will be able to modify and adapt the practice for the vast majority of things. However, it is important you let us know of anything that may be going on and if anything changes over the time you are practicing with us.

How will I know what style of yoga is for me?

If you are someone who likes strong physical activity you may like to start with one of our beginners flows or astanga classes. If you prefer more gentle activity try one of our hatha classes.

Do I always have to pre book classes?

You can just turn up for most classes, however level 2, mysore and power classes tend to be busy so should be booked. If you know for sure you are coming let us know and book in, but if anything changes be sure to cancel your booking.