Pre and Post Natal Yoga

The perfect way for expectant mothers to spend a Sunday evening indulging in self care, relaxation and preparation for birth.

Please note this class is not running while the risk of COVID-19 remains high.  We will restart the class in early 2022.


Pre-Natal Yoga – Sunday’s at 6.30 pm

The prenatal yoga class is suitable for all women from 13 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Or after you have had your first scan. Before this we recommend rest.

This class class is a mix of gentle and dynamic movements linked with the breath designed to create space and ease and comfort in the changing body while building strength and preparing for birth. The class incorporates movements and breathing practices useful for labour and ends with a lovely relaxation.

The pregnancy classes are part of our drop in timetable, so you don’t have to worry about paying for a block booking you might not be able to make all the dates on. You can pay either by buying a single class or a class pass. Just remember not to buy a 10 class pass if you are close to your due date. 

Please create an account, buy a pass and book in to the class to attend.  Please note our booking system only takes bookings up to 4 weeks in advance so it won’t be available to book until then.



About Lindsay our Pre Natal Teacher

Yoga for me was a chance but happy discovery 14 years ago. Simply because a yoga class ran the evening I had a babysitter! I’m sure I was the most inflexible person and uncoordinated person there, but I loved the way it made me feel and was instantly hooked. Yoga brought positive change- relaxation, body awareness, reduced stress, so I quickly became drawn to learning more. I dabbled in various styles, took a foundation course, but when I met Jo, an inspirational teacher, I immediately knew I wanted to train with her, and was fortunate to graduate from her second teacher training cohort.
In addition to teaching yoga, as an advanced nurse practitioner working in the NHS, I’m really interested in the positive benefits yoga can have on maintaining wellbeing and improving health, particularly in long term health conditions, and believe yoga can be used therapeutically in tandem with traditional medicine. Especially as many scientific papers are emerging, validating yoga’s positive effects. I’m fortunate that my health background assists my yoga practice with enhanced awareness of health, injury and disease and I love helping people discover it’s benefits for themselves.
As well as general yoga, I undertook an 85 hr pregnancy and post-natal training course with pregnancy teacher trainer Sally Parks. As pregnancy is a time of great change, both physically and psychologically, yoga can help women adjust to this. The class I offer is gentle and nurturing combining gentle asana, breath-work and relaxation and can be adjusted to work with any pregnancy associated issues.