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Urgent Notice

Due to the COVID-19 virus we have had to close our physical space for the time being, but from 23rd March we are still holding most of our classes online.  If you would like to practice with us online, just buy a class pass as normal and sign into the class you want to virtually attend at least 1 hour before the class starts.  You will then be sent an email with a link to a virtual class via the online platform zoom.  You can download the zoom meeting app onto your phones, ipads, computers etc so that you can take a class with us from the safety of your home.  Just type this into your browser to get it

Please note you can only do online classes with us if you have practiced with us before we are not allowed to take on new clients online, but we do hope to see you when we open our space back up.

Just make sure when you create an account with us that we have your up to date email address on your profile so that we can contact you with the link.

Thank you for supporting us, we hope our online classes will help you stay centered and calm during this difficult time for all of us.

The more classes you do the cheaper it gets. We recommend if you are doing 2 or more classes a week that you become a member it is the cheapest option and remember the new user deal you have never been before.

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