Terms & Conditions

300 hour Advanced Teacher Training


Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions for YogaJo’s 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training

In order to maintain high standards and ensure that we keep our good reputation, it is important that trainees reach a certain minimum standard. Whenever we feel that this is not the case, we will talk to you personally and try to put things right. The assessment is on a continuous basis and you will receive feedback on your progress. Students who do not meet the required standards will be asked to improve on the areas of weakness, and demonstrate that they have done this, before being issued with a certificate. All successful students can be registered on our database of accredited teachers.

YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd will endeavour to deliver the highest standard of training at all times.  Please read over the terms and conditions and code of conduct below so that you are clear what is expected of you during the course.

Terms & Conditions

Practice Experience

  • Unless you are a graduate of our 200 hour Hatha Raja Training training Students should have been practicing yoga for a minimum of 3 years and teaching for a minimum of 1 year.  You should have a strong grounding in asana practice and conducting yoga sessions.

  • You will be asked to fill out an application form to assess your suitability for the course.


  • A £950 deposit is required to secure your place on the course. It is non-refundable unless a replacement is found for your space. There are the 6 instalments of £325 required. You will be asked to sign a payment agreement accepting liability for payment of the whole course should you decide to drop out for any reasons, except exceptional circumstances as deemed fit by YogaJo’s teacher training Ltd.
  • The full fee will be paid before you will be certified.
  • Applications will be taken on a ‘first come first served’ basis and students who have paid their deposit will have priority over those who haven’t.
  • YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd reserve the right to refuse to certify a student who has not paid their fees in full. Included in fees are:
          • 300 hrs of training and assessment.
          • All paperwork associated with the course. This is provided in pdf format.
          • A certificate, (paying the fees does not guarantee you a certificate as you will need to successfully pass all assignments and attend all modules. If a module or days of a module have been missed it must be repeated the following year.  It is at YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd’s discretion as to whether or not you will be certified if a module or part of a module has been missed. You will not be certified should more than 1 module be missed or YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd feels you have not met the standards required by someone who has completed the course.

Not included in fees:

  • Travel, accommodation (if required)  and food.

Refund Policy

  • YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd will reserve a space for you on the course once you have been accepted. Your place is only guaranteed once you have paid the deposit of £950. The deposit is non-refundable should you drop out of the course once it has started. If you wish to drop out before the course starts, the deposit remains non-refundable unless YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd finds a replacement for your space.

Student Pulling Out of Course

  • Should a student wish to pull out of the course once it has started they are liable to pay for the remainder of the course unless the circumstances are deemed exceptional by YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd.  The student will have signed a payment contract before starting the course.
  • Should a student wish to pull out of the course they should do so in writing by contacting YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd at jolockhart.yoga@gmail.com
  • Should it be deemed that there are exceptional circumstances YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd may ask for evidence of the circumstances.

YogaJo’s Teacher Training cancelling the course

  • Should YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd have to cancel the course at any point, which they reserve the right to do, all monies relating to the included fees will be refunded.

YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd reserve the right to amend any of the above conditions any time throughout the course.

Student’s conduct during the course:

  • A student who is not attending modules will be asked to leave the course and monies paid to date will not be refunded.
  • All assignments must be completed by the end of the course except in exceptional circumstances deemed fit by YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd. If they have not been YogaJo’s Teacher Training reserves the right to not certify the student. In exceptional circumstances assignments and exams may be completed after the course.  YogaJo’s Ltd reserves the right to deem the circumstances exceptional.
  • At all times during the course students should behave in a respectful way to the teachers and to the other students on the course. At anytime during the course should the students conduct be deemed unacceptable by YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd they will be asked to leave the course and monies paid to date will not be refunded.

  • Students are required to maintain at least a 5 day a week practice during the course unless there are exceptional circumstances. YogaJo’s Teacher Training Ltd reserves the right to deem the fitness of the circumstances. Should the student appear to not be fulfilling these requirements they may be asked to leave the course and monies paid to date will not be refunded.

Code of Conduct – You will be asked to sign this document at the start of the course

This Code of Conduct is a summation and declaration of acceptable, ethical, and professional behaviour by which all Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professional Registered Yoga Teachers agree to conduct the teaching and business of Yoga.

As a Registrant of YogaJo’s 300 hr Advanced  Yoga Teacher Training, I agree to uphold the ethical goals set forth in the following Code of Conduct:

1. To ensure that safe and effective teaching is available to the public.
2. To provide the public with access to safe and effective yoga teachers.
3. To maintain and uphold the traditions of Hatha Yoga. To teach yoga from the experience of these traditions and to disseminate these teachings to anyone, from any background, who earnestly desires to follow these traditions.
4. Uphold the integrity of my vocation by conducting myself in a professional and conscientious manner.
5. Acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice and where appropriate, refer students to seek alternative instruction, advice, treatment, or direction.
6. Create and maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga.
7. Encourage diversity actively by respecting all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion affiliation, or sexual orientation.
8. Respect the rights, dignity, and privacy of all students.
9. Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment.
10. Follow all local government and national laws that pertain to my yoga teaching and business.

I agree to comply with the conditions and requirements as set out in the course curriculum, and accept that failure to do so will disqualify me from any accreditation. I furthermore vow to uphold the standards of the teachings I have been given, and to maintain and promote the good name of yoga at all times. I accept that failure to do so may lead to the annulment of any accreditation obtained from YogaJo’s Yoga Teacher Training Ltd.

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